Is Kybella Treatment Painful?

Is Kybella Treatment Painful

The appearance of a double chin can affect confidence. It increases one’s insecurities by how this fat ruins your best appearance. With so many treatments becoming increasingly popular, it’s hard to find the best treatment for reducing fat, especially “double chin.” As one of the best choices, Kybella is considered to be effective in treating […]

Kybella: 9 Things To Know About This Treatment

Kybella - 9 Things To Know About This Treatment

Kybella: 9 Things To Know About This Treatment With many treatments today in the aesthetic world, you might be confused: which is which? Most people will understand those who encounter this kind of chaos. It’s hard to know what kind of treatment will indeed be best for every first-timer. However, you may already have heard […]


Kybella Treatment AIYANA aesthetic | Molalla, OR

Kybella Kybella is an injectable that destroys fat cells in areas of over production. Most commonly used for the area under the chin, or the “double chin,” Kybella can be effective in treating that stubborn fat area. Let’s dive into the details of why Kybella might be the next treatment for you at AIYANA. Treatment […]