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Skin Care.. why does it matter?

Why is choosing a medical grade skin care line imperative to the health and look of your skin? There are SO many different skin care lines out there and they are wonderful. Really, they are. The only difference between them and Alastin or iS clinical is that the latter two can go deeper, can reach a level of cellular changes that the others cannot. That is because they are only provided by medical providers who can diagnose and treat accordingly. That is why a skin care consult is imperative.

Choosing a line or two of skin care was a hard decision. I had a few non-negotiables that had to be met. First and foremost, the product had to work and be tried and true. Alastin and iS CLINICAL are both products I have personally, and still personally use daily. They are backed by scientific studies and evidence that show their ability to improve the skin, increase collagen and elastic production (Alastin), and give you that all-over-glow that we are all wanting. Plus, my own personal anecdotal evidence (see above) that is noticeable as I look at photos of myself over the years. As you can see, lines around my eyes and forehead have softened (I also have done TOX on my forehead for the past 2 years which help with deep set lines), my skin glows more and appears smoother and softer.

Alastin skin Care

I always say, there is nothing more you can do for your skin than what you do twice a day with a medical grade skin care line. There is NO filler or TOX that will make that much of a positive change than using a skin care line everyday, twice a day. If you are like me and want to nerd out on the science of these two lines, check out my info page.



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