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Bioidentical Hormones: Signs that you need a BHR therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy | AIYANA Aesthetics

Aging is part of everyone’s lives, and none of us can control it. Within this phase, you’ll go through many kinds of changes, including how you feel and work out your daily routine. Things may slow down a bit for some, while others can see a difference in how they respond to things. Relatively, once you encounter fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, or become irritable more than ever, you might be experiencing some hormonal imbalances. Considering that fact, you might feel the need to undergo Bioidentical hormones replacement therapy. 

Understandably, some people would not know what BHR is all about and how it works. What’s more, if you already have these symptoms and yet you have no idea whether you are qualified for the treatment or not, things may get you confused in many ways. 

So, in this post, we’ll try to cover all those concerns and find out if you are qualified for the said method or not. See more information about Bioidentical Hormones, also known as BHR, in this article. 

The Bioidentical Hormones

It would be best to know what BHR or Bioidentical Hormones are before proceeding deeper to this topic for a better viewpoint. In all aspects, each of us has hormones that help deal with how our body system flows. Primarily, Hormones are unique chemicals created by parts of our body, which are called glands. 

They are responsible for controlling the other organs of the body when and how everything will function. Such actions include brain and sex operation, breakdown or growth of the food, and many more. Thus, when your hormones get out of hand, symptoms that you do not expect may occur.

Bioidentical Hormones

Now, you may ask, what is the connection of hormones itself to Bioidentical hormones? BHR are man-made hormones that are very similar to the hormones generated by the human body. These are the regular hormones that equate every testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen and are applied to those with low or out-of-balance hormones.  

For better thought, our bodies are always in a state of instability during hormone reception and production. That’s why you may notice why most women or men suffer from having low energy, weight gain, mood swings, low sex drive, and more. It is normal that as you age, your body will naturally lessen its hormone production, which moves to an imbalance. 

Again, while it may seem alarming, this phenomenon is normal. Perhaps, those above the age of 40 have been experiencing a bit or gist of how an imbalance hormone works. For men, having low testosterone can reduce the sex drive, affect muscle gain or increase weight. 

On the other hand, women experience a significant effect on how their bodies react by handling menopause, menstrual cycle, libido, and mood swings. The continuous decrease in the level of estrogen, testosterone, or other hormones in both women and men, can widely affect anyone’s mental and physical health. 

How BHRT Works

Bioidentical hormone replacement treatments work by giving different benefits to both women and men. For women, this method can help handle their menopausal symptoms, PMS, and increase in libido. BHR can also treat weight gain, depression, headaches, hair growth, acne, and mood swings. 

BHR therapy itself uses bioidentical hormones to increase the number of different effects in the body. It helps customers with many issues, down from menopause to having low energy. With this process and treatment, clients who are experiencing hormonal imbalances can substitute these specific hormones and lessen the negative symptoms they encounter. 

So, how do you know if you are qualified for the treatment or not? What are the possible signs and symptoms that you’ll know you need to undergo the procedure?

Signs & Symptoms That You Need BHRT

Here are some of the factors that may put you in line to undergo BHR. If these symptoms and signs persist, then taking BHRT is one step ahead to getting better. 

Weight Gain

One best sign that you have BHR therapy is an unexplainable weight gain. While it may be true that you’ve been happy with what you’re eating, an imbalance hormone may also be one of the reasons for this matter. There will always be two sides to the story: losing muscle mass and metabolizing fat less efficiently. 


The most common sign that you need BHR is when you do not have patience for things anymore. Often, you may seem to get irritable and angrier than you used to. 

Mood Swings

Another preference would be experiencing a swing of emotion from time to time. For example, you may be laughing with your relatives as you watch a movie. You suddenly feel empty after a few minutes. Perhaps, you’ll undoubtedly know if something is bothering you or not. 

But, in such cases, knowing if a hormonal imbalance causes it would probably be the best thing to do. It may be crucial to test everything at first, but assessing if you need a BHRT is better than any medication. 

Muscle Loss

One factor you may need to consider if you need BHRT is when there’s a decrease in muscle loss. This does not only happen in men but also women. Muscle is undoubtedly three times more metabolically active than fat. So, if your body is at rest, each muscle pound would at least burn between seven to ten calories. 

Loss of Interest (Hobbies & Activities)

One more sign that you may need to have a bioidentical hormone replacement is when you no longer find joy in the things that make you happy. Sometimes, you might feel that it may be expected, but it isn’t. Therapies lang BHR may help you feel alive again and encouraged with going through your life goals. 

Other Factors To Consider

  • Insomnia
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Hot Flashes

Final Thoughts

BHR Therapy is something that one shouldn’t be scared of. It may be terrifying to undergo this treatment at first, especially if you have doubts in mind. That’s why it would be best to consult any of your trusted health providers and physicians first before undergoing this process.

Nonetheless, if you feel safe and feel that there is a need to change or balance your hormones, then why not proceed with this procedure?

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