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When you think of anti-aging, the first thing that usually pops up is collagen. Collagen supplements, drinks and any other form is widely available for you to purchase. But, does that type of collagen actually produce the results that you are looking for?

Collagen Supplements

When you drink or take collagen as a pill form, it is in the chemical compound of a full collagen molecule. However, as that collagen molecule goes through the digestive tract and process of breaking down so your body can use it, its broken into tiny chemical compounds that no longer represent the original collagen molecule.

Think of the alphabet, the letters ABC. When you take a collagen supplement, you are originally taking the full ABC. However, as your body breaks it down and digests, you are then getting As and Bs and Cs, all broken apart. Your body no longer recognizes those As, Bs and Cs and ABC, it recognizes them individually. Therefore, you are not getting collagen, you are only absorbing collagen parts, which does not produce the same results as collagen.

Other Collagen Stimulating Modalities

Microneedling is another great way to produce collagen in the skin. It is done on the skins surface, and working more on the epidermis and mildly on the dermis. This is a great way to improve texture and skin tone, and does help a bit with laxity. It also will help improve those fine lines and wrinkles. It is one of our favorite facial treatments at AIYANA as it has medical-grade results with minimal downtime.

Sculptra Aesthetic
Microneedling for collagen production

Medical-grade skin care products that create a reaction of the skins cells are another great way to produce collagen. When you are looking for the best collagen producing skincare, look no further than ALASTIN. With it’s triHEX technology and its ability to clear out old collagen and then produce new collagen AND elastin, ALASTIN is the best. iS CLINICAL also provides botanical copper tri-peptide growth factors for a more plant based way to produce collagen.


Sculptra has been on the market for many years and has made a huge name for itself. It is one of the ONLY injectable on the market that inducing natural collagen production. It was first brought to the market to help with AIDS patients and the structure of the face. Now, it is used mainstream for anyone looking to improve their overall collagen production. It is the best way to produce your own collagen and to get you aging in reverse.

After our 20s, we start to lose collagen and no longer make it ourselves. Each year, we are losing more than we can make and it starts to show. With Sculptra, the collagen that is produced will last 3-5 years. However, depending on when you start Sculptra, you may need to do some catch up. But, after a few sessions over a year, you will be making more collagen than you lose and you will start to age backwards! Imagine that, an actual injectable that can achieve the impossible. Sculptra can. It is also the only injectable that you actually buy, because it is yours to keep once you have it. With tox and fillers, you are constantly having to get touch ups as it metabolizes and disappears over time.

1 month post initial Sculptra Injections- Improvement in texture, tone and laxity of skin

Ready to up your anti-aging game? Sculptra is it.

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