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Why do we recommend iS CLINICAL to my clients?

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When it comes to daily skin care, iS CLINICAL outperforms its competitors. The science in skin care is ever changing and iS CLINICAL is at the forefront. With the ability to titrate as you go, even beginners will see huge improvement in their skins surface, and below. iS CLINICAL utilizes Extremozyme Technology that is extracted from plants living in the harshest conditions in the world to assist survival and adaptability, when applied to the human skin it provides the best protection. A few points that drew me to this skin care line include its anti-inflammtory properties, meaning even the most sensitive skin responds well and improves. Second, these products do not contain any fillers or accessory proteins. You are getting the purest, better than organic product for your face. Lastly, the products are non-systemic and considered cosmetic by the FDA. That means all my pregnant and breastfeeding mamas can still have amazing skin and use these products safely during those times.


Why do we recommend Alastin to my clients?

With its patented TriHex technology, Alastin is the ONLY product on the market to stimulate elastin, as well as collagen in the skin. Elastin is a protein that discontinues production after birth, meaning that the amount of elastin we have at birth is it! Why is this important? Think of elastin as giving your skin the ability to stretch and return to baseline, while collage gives your skin the support. Elastin is imperative when it comes to anti-aging because volume loss. This naturally occurs when we age and as our face deflates, our skin has a hard time keeping up, hence sagging, creepy skin. Alastin offers 13 products in its line to address all the pesky areas.
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