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Therapeutic Treatments at AIYANA

Did you know that there are many therapeutic uses for Botox/Dysport neuromodulators? From migraines, to tension headaches, TMJ/TMD, and gummy smile, neuromodulators are not just for wrinkles. At AIYANA, we can help you with some of these ailments by utilizing neuromodulators correctly and with accuracy into the areas of concern. Let’s dive in.


A main therapeutic use is for migraines. Botox/Dysport has been used by neurologists for years to help combat migraines when multiple treatment failures occur with traditional migraine medications. It is certainly something that is effective, and recommended for those who suffer for migraines. However, at AIYANA, due to the large number of units utilized for migraine treatment, it is best that you get it covered by your health insurance and therefore we do not offer it.

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Tension Headaches

Botox/Dysport also helps with tension headaches, which is something we have been able to help our patients with. Usually those type of headaches occur in the front of the forehead, so adding Botox/Dysport to that area helps resolve those pesky headaches. It is extremely effective.


Another therapeutic use is for TMJ/TMD. In the field of dentistry, TMD is an extremely difficult condition to treat. However, at AIYANA we can inject Botox/Dysport into the masseter which relaxes the muscle and does not allow the individual to clench their jaw as tight as normal. Coupled with headaches, and this is a great treatment for a client who suffers.

Gummy Smile

Another use that may be considered therapeutic or cosmetic is the gummy smile. When Botox/Dysport is injected into the Yonsei point, which is a small area of the lateral aspect of the nostril, on both sides, it can lower the lip and allow it to relax when the client smiles. This helps reduce the appearance of the gums and creates a lip that elevates just to the top of the teeth. This will prevent the client from have to get gum recession and also helps with the deepened nasolabial folds around the mouth. In the photos below, her gummy smile is reduced just by utilizing a little bit of Botox/Dysport. Her smile lines will also smooth out as she is no longer utilizing those pulling muscles around the mouth.

There are so many uses for Botox/Dysport that the list seems endless. At AIYANA, we love this product and have seen so many clients benefit from its use. It truly makes such a difference when suffering from painful headaches to jaw clenching, but it also helps smooth the skin and provide a great anti-aging result.

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