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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

We’ve been busy around here with all the holiday hustle and bustle, but taking this day to remember to birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Grateful for Him in my life and the opportunity I have been given to serve others and hopefully be a beacon of His light. I hope you enjoy this wonderful day with family and friends, even if it is just with those in your COVID bubble 🎄

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As I reflect on this, I think about my career as a NP. I graduated exactly 5 years ago from my MSN, nurse practitioner program as I am writing out this blog. What an honor and joy it has been to work in this field with amazing individuals all striving to serve others. I also start to reflect on my time working as an RN in labor and delivery. I loved that career and found so much joy being around mommas and their sweet newborns, fresh from Heaven. What a blessing this career is to me.

Now as I embark on this new journey, one that is multi-faceted, were not only am I a practitioner, but a business owner of my own practice, I find myself brining all skill-sets, even some I have had to develop over the past few short months into this journey. I am incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement, the lifting of from others in the same field and the guidance of my Heavenly Father in this life changing career path. As overwhelming and hard it has been at times, I have seen the Lords hand reach out and help when things seem a bit dismal.

How grateful I am to have this loving and supportive family around me. My husband has always been my number 1 fan, who cheers me on and helps when things seem daunting. We were each others cheerleaders during our graduate work and I know we will continue to do that as we build our careers. My sweet children who have always adjusted so well to the chaos that this life has been for them. I hope they always know that they can do whatever they decide to do in life if they just commit and be determined and persistent.

During this Christmas season, I hope you find the time to reflect on those moments that our Heavenly Father has made happen in your life. He is there, His son is there to help you along and I know as I keep drawing nearer unto Him, I will not be led astray.

May the Lord bless you now and in all your days. Merry Christmas.

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