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Many of us are concerned about our hair, and it is a realistic concern seeing that, on average, 85% of men experience a male-pattern degree of baldness. Our hair is a part of who we are, and it is an integral part of our appearance, so if it does thin or falls off, many understandably feel insecure and self-conscious. Fortunately, all hope is not lost yet; a non-surgical treatment called natural growth factor injections promises to restore your hair. 

Hair loss can be caused by stress, medications, hormonal changes, and genetics. You can perhaps avoid many of these potential causes, but there is no growing them back naturally once hair loss is there. The only method left to restore your hair is non-surgical or surgical procedures. 

Many are not comfortable with surgical procedure prospects. So naturally, many researchers look to restore hair without dissecting the skin to fill the demand. They’ve come up with natural growth factor injections, but is it as effective as they claim? To know more about it, continue exploring the blog. 

What Are Natural Growth Factor Injections?

Natural growth injections use your body’s healing processes to regrow your hair. Medical experts fully understand how we can heal ourselves in sicknesses and injuries. Using that knowledge, your provider will use those healing properties to regrow your hair. 

The treatment is based on the platelet-rich fibrin (Natural Growth Factor Injections) approach. The injections stimulate new growth by awakening the dormant hair follicles through the Natural Growth Factor Injections approach. The hair follicles are simply dormant, and the older you get, the more dormant they become. 

That’s why natural growth injections are best used in the early stages of hair loss. The treatment is effective for men and women, and it is also a good alternative for those who don’t want to take medications for hair restoration. 

So what exactly is the Natural Growth Factor Injections approach, and how does it help with hair restoration? 

What is Natural Growth Factor Injections?

Platelet-rich fibrin (Natural Growth Factor Injections) is a method that can help accelerate the healing process. Not only is it effective in hair restoration, but it also has practical applications in medical applications. Its healing and hair restoration properties are thanks to the fibrin and platelets, hence the name. 

Fibrin And Platelets

Fibrin is a protein quickly produced when the body notices damages like injuries and wounds. These proteins are sturdy enough to arrange themselves in a lengthy continuous net-like structure. This protein is produced by another protein called fibrinogen, a protein that is floating freely around in your blood’s plasma. 

The purpose of fibrin constructing these net-like structures is to catch and entangle platelet. Platelets are also cells that float freely in your blood plasma, and they are the smallest cells in the bloodstream. They are even smaller than the blood cells. 

These platelets flow along with the bloodstream, and if any damage occurs, they drift towards them. The fibrin then responds to the damage by catching the platelets. Together, they create blood clots and deliver the necessary proteins to heal the body. 

However, these proteins don’t naturally reach your hair scalp to awaken dormant hair and induce regrowth. To access these proteins, we have to extract them. 

Extracting Natural Growth Factor Injections

Both fibrin and platelets only exist in your plasma within the bloodstream. Your provider will use the injection and a centrifugal machine to extract these proteins. 

The first step is the injection, and your provider will extract a small amount of blood from you. Not too much blood, just enough to fill a vial. However, we may need a bit more than that, depending on your needs. 

Next, the vial of blood will be placed into the centrifugal machine. The machine then spins, which will separate the blood cells, plasma with platelets and fibrin, and the white blood cells. The spin roughly takes around 10 minutes. 

After the spin, you can see the difference between the cells with your naked eye. The blood is separated into three sections: blood cells at the bottom, the white blood cells at the middle, and plasma filled with platelets and fibrin at the top, which has a yellowish golden color. Your provider will then extract the plasma with a very fine 32 gauge needle. 

Applying Natural Growth Factors With Injection

Now that we have successfully extracted the Natural Growth Factor Injections, your provider will inject these Natural Growth Factor Injections solutions back into your body, but this time on your scalp. The injections can be as many as 60 shots, only applying a small Natural Growth Factor Injections per site.

The Natural Growth Factor Injections then awakens the dormant hair, making them active and regrow again. How and why it activates dormant follicles isn’t precisely known yet, but researchers think that Natural Growth Factor Injections addresses androgenetic alopecia, which is the hormone that causes hair loss. 

What Happens During The Procedure? 

Hair restoration through natural growth factors is reasonably straightforward, requiring only three steps. However, the procedure may differ from clinic to clinic, but generally, you can expect during the procedure: 

  1. Your provider will extract a small amount of blood from you, typically from the arm. Next, they will transfer the blood to a vial and place it on a centrifugal machine. 
  2. The machine separates the different blood cells to get a high concentration of Natural Growth Factor Injections. The spinning will take at least 10 minutes, so meanwhile, your provider will clean the scalp to prepare for the injections. 
  3. After spinning, they will extract the Natural Growth Factor Injections, a yellowish golden color. Other blood components are not needed for the treatment. Your provider will then apply the Natural Growth Factor Injections to the scalp. 

As you can see, it’s quick, easy, hassle-free, and painless. Perhaps injections are not your strongest suit, but they are still a better alternative than surgical treatments. In approximately three months, you will start seeing the results. Hair regrowth will be thicker and, even in some cases, darker. 


If you are concerned with hair loss, you can do something about it by trying out natural growth factor injections. So if you are interested, contact and reach out to our clinic, Aiyana Aesthetics. We offer services that help our clients address wellness concerns. 


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