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I Got A Lash and Brow Lift - Here's How The Professionals Do It

Is it a big deal to do your brows and curl your eyelashes every morning? If you want fuller brows and longer lashes but don’t want to undergo a more invasive procedure, we offer a solution for you. Lifting lashes can safely and effectively enhance their length, curl, and thickness without damaging the follicles of the eyelashes. Brow laminating is the way to go if you want thicker, stronger, and more firmly set eyebrows without using razors or needles. The two procedures are functionally very similar to getting a perm in that they both employ a chemical solution to modify the hair’s position permanently.

I myself got a lash and brow lift and enjoyed it! If you are pondering getting one for yourself, here’s what you should know about them and what to expect. 

What Is Eyelash Lift

Without needing mascara or extensions, a lash lift can provide thick, curled lashes. Making morning makeup application faster, this treatment gives your eyelashes a permanent wave. This technique uses a chemical treatment to curl and thicken the eyelashes.

How It Works

After a thorough cleansing, the eyelashes are raised with silicone pads, positioned on the eyelid, and combed into place. The eyelashes’ follicles and keratin are then chemically dissolved with a lotion. The exposure time varies between 12 and 20 minutes, depending on the conditions. It takes anywhere from 12 minutes to 20 minutes for the new outlines to become permanent, after which a second lotion is applied. Now that the eyelashes have been dyed, you can take off the silicone pads.

Preparing For A Lash Lift

Before your operation, wash your face thoroughly and remove all makeup, especially mascara and false eyelashes. At least 24 hours before your prearranged appointment time, please do not use Latisse or any other lash serum. Finally, if you wear contact lenses, remove them before your scheduled visit.

Avoid After Procedure

  • Avoid getting any water in your eyes.
  • Avoid putting on any eyeliner or mascara.
  • Avoid sweating
  • Avoid entering saunas
  • Avoid using anything containing oil.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.

Wait at least 24 hours after getting your eyelashes done before exposing them to moisture of any type. When you get your lashes done, you should wait at least 24 hours before letting them get wet. This is because the lash pH level returns to normal in the hours following a lift. You can undo your treatment’s chemical change by simply adding more water, mascara, etc. Similar to getting your hair cut and styled at a salon. Avoid getting caught in a downpour after leaving the salon, as water will ruin your freshly curled hair and your newly lifted eyelashes.

How Long It Lasts

If you take adequate care of your lashes after getting a lash lift, you can add another 6-8 weeks to their lifespan. Following the instructions mentioned earlier for the first 24 hours after your treatment will extend its useful life. You should also always brush your eyelashes while standing up, especially after you’ve been in the shower or otherwise exposed to water.

What Is Brow Lift

Brow raising is comparable to lash lifting in that the eyebrows are reshaped and fixed upward semi-permanently. The popular process prevents tiny hairs from shedding and fills in the eyebrows for a fuller, more expressive look. You can forego your regular routine of applying brow pencils and brow gels.

How It Works

Removing excess oil and dirt from the eyebrows is the first step. After positioning the brow hairs, a water-soluble adhesive is used to hold them. There are three distinct procedures used, each lasting about 10 minutes. Brow tinting could give you an intimidating appearance in this situation as well. One final step of the procedure is a second eyebrow washing.

Having an appreciation for aesthetics is essential. Ultimately, your eyebrow hair type and density will determine the most effective correction method. If the proportions are correct, you can shape your brows into anything from an entire, bushy arch to a softly arched one.


To get ready for your brow lamination, we recommend that you:

  • You shouldn’t use retinoids, AHAs, or face exfoliants in the week or so coming up to your brow lamination.
  • Keep your brows untweezed for at least a week before coming in for lamination (although a brow wax is an optional extra).
  • Please do not come to the appointment with any form of makeup since there will be a test.

Avoid After Procedure

  • Avoid getting your brows getting damp (avoid the shower & bath)
  • Avoid entering the sauna.
  • Avoid using any items that contain oil.
  • Avoid messing your brows with makeup, makeup remover, or thick creams.
  • Make sure you avoid resting your forehead directly on the mattress (we know, easier said than done for our stomach sleepers)

Lamination treatments, like lash extensions, require that you avoid getting any moisture on your brows for the first 24 hours. After shaping and moisturizing your brows with a selection of lotions and a permanent gel, we laminate them for lasting results. The eyebrows may not retain their new shape if you get them wet too soon after we apply these treatments.

How Long It Lasts

A brow lift typically lasts six weeks (depending on aftercare). You can increase the effectiveness and duration of your therapy by avoiding the “Don’ts” stated above, which should be followed strictly in the first 24 hours after your procedure. After your treatment, use a moisturizing balm or castor oil on your brows once a day for the first 48 hours. Brush your brows while upright to ensure they retain their new shape after getting them wet, such as in the shower.


Both treatments are worth the hype they receive because they enhance your lash and brow appearance for a minimum of four weeks after they are performed. The treatment takes 45 minutes, significantly saving time and great value. If you try lash or brow lifts and don’t like the results, you won’t have to commit to them permanently because they go out after four to six weeks. If you’re interested in this treatment or other services, consider contacting and scheduling an appointment with our clinicAiyana Aesthetics

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