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Anti-Aging Customized Treatment Plans at AIYANA

Our All-inclusive anti-aging packages are officially live at AIYANA. We wanted to bring our clients a customizable treatment plan that includes everything you may need when it comes to anti-aging. All of our packages include a facial, skincare, and Botox/Dysport treatment. We feel that these 3 things are what sets the standard for anti-aging and are a must-have in every treatment plan. Let’s first start with our AIYANA Essential Facial. We love this facial because it is in essence the start of glowing skin. With this facial, your skin will be exfoliated and cleansed, a resurfacing and cooling mask applied to help remove impurities and dead skin cells with a serum application. Our serums at AIYANA are the perfect complement to our ALASTIN skincare line and help treat the most common skin concerns. There is a perfect serum for everyone and we help you find just that. While speaking of skincare, our ALASTIN Daily Beauty Regimen is the best place to start. When it comes to skincare, getting on a medical-grade skin care product is the best option. ALASTIN is known for its science backing TriHex Technology that goes in and cleans out the OLD collagen and elastin. That can cause your skin to prematurely age, noting enlarged pores and rough skin texture. After that process, which usually lasts about 2 weeks, the products then go in to produce NEW collagen and elastin. You will see a difference in your skin in as little as 2 weeks. We love these products, we all use them daily and we know you will love them, too! Botox/Dysport is a great way to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles and help prevent them from worsening. We love a little sparkle of these neuromodulators all over the face to help with glowing skin, worsening lines, and just a refreshed look overall. No need to fear, Botox/Dysport are some of the most studied medications out there and you can trust us with your injections at AIYANA. Dermal fillers are a great option when the volume has been lost due to the aging process. Did you know after our 30s, we lose about 5tsp of volume every year? That equates to 5 syringes of filler. Crazy, right?!? Dermal fillers are a great anti-aging tool that will help replace the volume that has been lost. The most common treatment is in the cheeks/mid-face, but some may benefit from under-eye, lip, chin, or jawline filler. We do it all at AIYANA. Sculptra is a favorite at AIYANA. Injectable collagen as we like to call it. Who doesn’t want more collagen in their life? As we age, we experience bone loss and our fat pads start to shift. With that, our skin starts to lose its collagen and becomes laxer. We think about this as like a table cloth (skin) that is too big for the table (bone structure.) We can fill this all day with filler, but when too much is used, that is where the puffy face comes in. Sculptra can be injected into areas of volume loss and help with texture, tone, and laxity of skin. We are solving the problem with Sculptra, not just masking the symptoms. PDO threads are the perfect option for a non-surgical facelift. Threads can be used in any area of the face/neck that needs that extra love and lifts. At AIYANA we love the brow, neck, or facelift. Results are immediate and only get better over time. The threads are dissolvable and will be completely gone in 4-6 months. What is left is the collagen that was produced. That can last up to 15-18 months. Let’s dive into our packages. Again, these are ALL-INCLUSIVE anti-aging packages that when combined give our clients the BEST results. We have most of our clients on these plans and their results speak for themselves!

AIYANA Refresh

$3595 (valued at $4000)

A customized anti-aging plan to address the hard-to-treat area under the eyes. This is for those who need a li:le extra love due to volume loss and puffiness. This package includes an AIYANA Essential Facial, Botox/Dysport treatment, Mid-face/Cheek and under-eye dermal filler, three microneedling treatments around the eyes, and our ALASTIN Daily Beauty Regimen and Restorative Eye Complex.


$3995 (valued at $4450) Address the signs of aging with some of our most popular treatments and a collagen boost with microneedling. This package includes an AIYANA Essential Facial, Botox/Dysport treatment, three microneedling treatments, Mid-face/Cheek dermal filler, and our ALASTIN Daily Beauty Regimen .
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AIYANA Rejuvenate

$4595 (valued at $5100)

An all-inclusive of our favorites at AIYANA, which is focused on youthful, healthy glowing skin. Our most popular package includes an AIYANA Essential Facial, Botox/Dysport treatment, Sculptra, Mid-face/Cheek dermal filler, and our ALASTIN Daily Beauty Regimen.

Before & After Gallery | Molalla, OR - Aiyana aesthetics

AIYANA Restore

$4795 (valued at $5300)

Focused on lifting and volume loss, this package includes treatments that will address the hallmark of youth and vitality. This package includes an AIYANA Essential Facial,

Botox/Dysport treatment, PDO Mini Threading Lift, Midface/Cheek dermal filler, and our ALASTIN Daily Beauty Regimen.

Before & After Gallery | Molalla, OR - Aiyana aesthetics
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