AIYANA aesthetics


Months ago when I dreamed up this idea of an aesthetic practice that is contracted with dental practices in the Pacific Northwest, I knew the name had to have deep meaning. Not just a classic, lovely name, but one that meant something personal to me. For this is my 4th baby and all. So, naturally, one might assume I should have chosen a “B” name to fit right in with my 3 children, Bristol, Burke and Bode. But, alas. This one needed to be out of the box. Different from the rest, but yet, still mine.


My fathers heritage stems back to an American Indian tribe, Muscogee Creek Nation. In fact, that tribe is still going strong in Okmulgee, OK and helped me immensely with scholarships and grants that allowed me to pursue my educational dreams. Being as that is my bloodline, I decided to embark on the journey of finding a Native American word/name that had deep meaning and a lovely flow. The task was at hand, and it certainly took a lot of time and research. Once I settled on about 5 names, I put it out to my family and friends and asked for advice and took a poll.

AIYANA, a Native American girls name, meaning eternally bloom. Fitting for an aesthetic practice, right? Perfeclty poised to allow this practice to bloom into what it will be, providing a space for my clients to find eternal beauty in themselves and all around a lovely brand name.

The future of AIYANA is bright, and I am so excited you are all along for the ride. It’s going to be a crazy, wild one, but one that I will forever be grateful for.




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