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5 Things To Do in Your 40s To Age Gracefully

When we think of aging gracefully, there are things that we can do now that will help immensely in the years to come. It is always easier to prevent, than it is to turn back the clock. But, don’t lose hope. At AIYANA, we have you covered. From skincare, facials and preventative Botox to filler that is hydrating, anti-aging and will give an all-over refreshed, glowing appearance, you are in good hands with us. It is never to late for self-care. 

With that, what can you do? Let’s dive into the 5 things to do in your 40s to age gracefully going into your 50s and beyond.

Wear Sunscreen

You are probably sick of us taking about the good ol’ SPF, but honestly it is the most cost-effective anti-aging tool out there. Some may ask what sunscreen to buy and we are always quick to answer with one that gives you the protection from the sun and the screens. As we are exposed to more and more screens, que looking down at our phones, we are at an increased risk of certain lights causing damage to our skin. We love iS CLINICAL Eclipse SPF as it provides the adequate protection from all the lights around us.

Medical Grade Skincare

Why is medical grade skincare so important? When it comes to taking care of your skin, there is no better investment than into a skincare line that is medical grade, meaning pharmaceutical manufactured, with actual research and science backing it. When you buy skincare products it the store, they can say whatever they want on the bottle, even if the information is false. When it comes to medical grade products, there are standards in the industry, and they are result driven so you are going to get the best products that will actually improve your skin.

As you know, we love ALASTIN and iS CLINICAL around here. To get started with skincare, we recommend starting with the ALASTIN Daily Beauty Regimen and a customized serum for you. We would love to have you at AIYANA for a complementary consult to talk more in depth about your skincare needs.


Facial Treatments

Facial treatments are more than just a luxury spa treatment. Although, we do love the fact that our facials at AIYANA are both luxury and results driven, we know that both are important. Why are facials a great way to help you age gracefully? With the productivity of facials including extractions, stimulating collagen production, increasing cellular turnover, infusing botanicals and growth factors to help improve texture, tone and laxity, facials are a great way to invest in your skin and provide it an ability to perform at its best.

There are many types of facial treatments out there, ranging from a soothing, relaxing facial, to more invasive like microneedling. It is best to schedule a consult to discuss your needs.

Sculptra Aesthetic


There are times when injectables, such as Botox/Dysport and dermal fillers are needed. This can be preventative as well as corrective, based on each individuals needs. Botox/Dysport are great at relaxing muscles to prevent deeper lines from developing. It can also help with tension headaches, TMJ and migraines. Fillers are great to add volume where it has been lost. As we age, our fat pads start to shift and due to gravity start to fall. By adding filler into that area, we are able to replace the volume that no longer exists, creating a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

Healthy Lifestyle

Aging gracefully can be something that starts on the inside. We always recommend our clients eat a healthy diet, exercise and drink water. Not only is this beneficial for your overall health, but it honestly helps your skin more than most of us think. Exercise is a great way to help your body function at its best, and when it does, your skin will show it.

We’d love to see you at AIYANA for a commentary consult to get your skin glowing again!


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